Nikothea Film Ltd was founded in 1991 by is the sole owner and CEO Nikolay (a.k.a. Nikolai) Volev. The company’s portfolio so far is:

The Goat Horn, (Koziyat Rog) 1994, 90 min., drama, co-scripted and directed by Nikolay Volev

•Grand Prix “Europa” – at the 5th European Film Festival, La Baule, France, 1994
•Grand Prix “Gold Eagle” – at the 4th International Film Festival, Georgia, 1995
•Grand Prix “Gold Rose” at the 22nd National Film Festival, 1994
•Main Prize “Silver Rose” – at the 13th Bergamo International Film Festival, Italy, 1995
•Main Prize “Silver Aphrodite” – at the 2nd Varna International Film Festival, 1994

The Goat Horn has participated at the International Film Festivals of Venice, Edinburgh, Gent, Munich, Gothenborg, Copenhagen, San Jose, Belgrade, Thessaloniki and Istanbul;

The Devil’s Mirror (Ogledaloto na dyavola), 2002, 4-part TV series, drama, 208 min., co-scripted and directed by Nikolay Volev;

Off the Road, (Izvan Patya), 2016, drama, 110 min., scripted and directed by Nikolay Volev, in post-production, scheduled for theatrical distribution for 2017;

The company’s current project in development, provisionally entitled Thy Name is Woman, is a 115 min. drama about an American travel writer, set in the Balkans