Sun., April 21 2:00 pm – Nuart


(Margarit I Margarita)
Director: Nikolai Volev
Writer: Nikolai Volev
Cinematographer: Krassimir Kostov
Editor: Polia Sharalieva
Principal Cast: Hristo Shopov, Irini Andonis,
Rashko Mladenov, Vassil Mihailov
Production Co.: Cinematographie Bulgare
Color, 90 mln.
In Bulgarian with English subtitles

Margarit, handsome and rash, and Margarita, pretty and naive, are young rebels who must fight their parents, school authorities, and each other before escaping with a chance to control their own lives. But writer-director Nikolai Volev reaches the conclusion that in the corrupt Communist regime of Bulgaria, before glasnost, even seeming freedom led to the inevitable nation-wide ills of humiliation, misfortune, and tragedy. Both lead actors, Hristo Shopov and Irini Adonis, are strong and subtle, never allowing the story to become maudlin or manipulative. Rashko Mladenov as a weak and defeatist dance instructor and Vassil Mihailov as a wretchedly corrupt party official contribute to the film’s atmosphere of grim reality. A powerful film experience, Margarit and Margarita uncompromisingly exploits the new freedoms accorded Bulgarian filmmakers. – David Hunter