CANNES 1990, Director’s Fortnight

Young and in love, proud and independent, Margarit and Margarita fall out with their school teachers and flunk out of school. Unable to find a common language with their parents, whose only concern is money, they flunk out of home too. Homeless and jobless, Margarita meets the director of a dance company that temporarily offers her hope but only manages to fan the flames of jealousy in her lover. When Margarita’s coquettish behavior leads to an inadvertent crime, Margarita takes the rap though, and ends up being blackmailed by a corrupt official, whose lurid advances towards Margarita form an infernal triangle of deception that can only lead to bloodshed.

A “64” Production Unit/Boyana Film
Studio production. Dir/scr: Nikolai Volev.
Ph: Krassimir Kostov.
Cast: Hristo Shopov, Irini Andonis, Rashko Mladenov, Vassil Mihailov.
International sales: Bulgariafilm