The Goat Horn
Fiction and bold realism

The local overlord, Osman Bey, and his two men brutally attack a small Christian shepherd family, and the two men rape fee shepherd’s beautiful young wife before killing her by piercing her throat with a goal horn. From that moment the goat horn becomes the means of revenge till the end of the film. The shepherd takes his little daughter—who loses her ability to speak after the tragedy she has witnessed – to a cave in the mountains and begins to raise her like a boy, training her lo fight so that they can retaliate, according to the basic law of nature…
We witness love, sex and fighting in their most naked form, a form made poignant by the primitive nature of the characters’ lives. The father’s growing sexual desire towards his daughter therefore does not greatly offend the viewer in spite of the directness of these scenes. It is not nudity that is perceived throughout the whole film but simply bare flesh.
It is both fun and uncomfortably shocking to see such boldly realistic scenes in a rather fictionalized story. Here, you can witness the sweetness of love, the purity of love, the severity of love, the relentlessness of love.

Turkish Daily News