Director: Nikolai Volev
Screenplay: Nikolai Volev; Nikolai Haitov, based on a story by Haitov
Photography: Krassimir Kostov
Production: Nikothea
Cast: Alexander Morfov (the father), Elena Petrova (Maria)
Running time: 98 min. Subtitles: English

Forget any reservations you may have regarding films about Bulgarian shepherds! Seldom has such a dramatic, erotically sensual, visually gorgeous film been produced as this one. Kozijat Rog Is set during the Turkish hegemony. A four year old girl, Maria, is forced to watch as her mother is raped and stabbed to death with a goat’s horn. Following this traumatic experience the girl loses her tongue. Father and daughter flee into the mountains, where her father, obsessed with his thirst for revenge, spends ten years teaching Maria to kill. The pair carry out several extremely violent guerrilla operations, but when Maria discovers her own sexuality and casts herself uninhibitedly into a relationship with a Muslim shepherd, the seeds are sewn for a dramatic conflict between father and daughter.